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Spyda.B oorspronkelijk uit Italie maar woont de afgelopen drie jaar alweer in Los Angeles, Amerika. Vliegt de hele wereld over om workshops te geven: Dancehall the YukGual Style! Deze workshop wil je echt niet missen!

The class I'd bring is #JukGyalLevel1, which is an open level class recommended for women/dancers who want to connect with their body while learning female dancehall. Students will get a greater understanding of the movement and become stronger by using mostly bodyweight with a hint of resistance. We'll go through breathing techniques, weight distribution and body awareness really breaking down the movement to its foundation. It's great for experienced dancers because they'll get stronger and more powerful in their movement and for beginners because of the meticulous attention paid to each and every one in the room
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Wie is Spyda.B?
Spyda B started dancing Dancehall when she was 13yo. She's been training in the genre under various celebrated European and American choreographers. For years she trained with So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Laure Courtellemont eventually assisting her at the biggest Dancehall event in Italy: Dancehall Unity. She also participated at the first Dancehall convention, officially known as Dancehall Ragga Jam World Conference, held in Paris - France with participants from all over Europe. She studied under the guidance of Jamaican Choreographers like Dancing Rebel, Orville Expressionz, Boysie Roses, Global Bob, Kaytii Insanity, Rudey Ghetto Legacy, Jr Black Eagle & many more. Currently assisting MTV Award Winning choreographer Jae Blaze, Spyda has toured Italy, UK, Canada, Holland and taught in Cuba the unique style of merging Dancehall and fitness equipment. In the past year, she has been teaching this new phenomenon called JukGyal at the prestigious Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles and LA hottest new gym called G-Train Fitness. Competing at LA Fitness Expo held at the Convention Centre, Spyda blew the crowd away with her technique form and execution, right after that she was one of the few featured dancers in Vogue magazine "American Women".

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Iedereen is welkom!

* Zaterdag 25 januari 19:30-22:00 uur
* 19:30-20:45 - Workshop
* 20:45-22:00 - Vrij dansen en een drankje
*Locatie: Dance Centre Amersfoort
* Adres: Waterdreef 166

* Kosten: 20 euro
* Voor leden en niet leden
* Aanmelden via je eigen klantenportal of via onze website
* We openen 15 minuten voor aanvang van de eerste les

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